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Help us give a girl her wings!

All proceeds from Think Like David fundraising events go directly to Monarch's Way, a private Christian school, based in a loving, family environment that is dedicated to helping at-risk girls break free from life-controlling behaviors and circumstances. This program promises to provide the opportunity to transform hurting teens into individuals who know their identity, believe in their purpose, and dream big about their destiny.

Art with purpose.

Craig Schwartz Art makes life-scale aluminum sculptures capturing movement, and drawing others near to God. All of our work supports charitable organizations. We accept interesting commissions. Purchases can be tax deductible.

Made for good.

Sales from all artwork and merchandise go to support charitable organizations. Our primary beneficiary is Monarch’s Way, a private Christian school, based in a loving, family environment that is dedicated to helping at-risk girls break free from life-controlling behaviors and circumstances.


We plan and host multiple fundraising events throughout the year to support charitable organizations. Monarch’s Way, Cystic Fibrosis, and the Charlie Wecker Gang to name a few. Ticket purchases can be tax deductible.

Our thoughts define us.

Everything that has ever been, was first a product of our mind and imagination. Before any metal is softened or formed, the artist first has a vision of how his final piece might look. Likewise, when our Heavenly Father demonstrated His creative nature in the formation of the natural world, it was and we were first a product of His imagination.

A thought.

Thoughts are powerful.

Our mind’s ability to utilize the thought process is emblazoned upon the fabric of every thread of all that is. Down to the molecular level.

Some people have a greater degree of understanding of this than others. Some have a greater degree of internal awareness to capitalize upon this ability than others. Some dream, and then place those dreams, or imaginations upon a shelf, never able to realize their potential. Others take their thoughts captive, and –through the power of creative process — form those imaginations into reality.

We have witnessed this being played out since the very dawn of time itself.

Working with Craig – a Jewish descendant of Aaron – in his workshop as an apprentice and assistant during the summer of 2020, it soon became apparent that he was not one to take his dreams and place them upon a shelf. (Unless it was a shelf awaiting the fulfillment of creating the vision he was given.) As our days together grew, I became acutely aware that Craig’s motivation for fulfilling the spark of imagination placed within and upon him was from a place unfamiliar to most.

Design and fabrication challenges were more an annoyance than a hinderance. He quickly shifts through frustration into a place of confident realization – a scene many never realize because they thwart their own creative processes too soon.

The reality of this observation became exceedingly clear for me as we were building the 13’ tall Goliath. The shepherd boy – David – had already come from Craig’s mind onto paper, and then formed into reality. Now the nemesis of the Hebrew nation was in scale on paper, and quickly forming in metal.

After a few months Craig began to ask my opinion, and often my response was: “I don’t see it”. While we were constructing the two parts of Goliath and getting ready to put him together, Craig asked again: “What do you think?” Again, I replied: “I’m not seeing it.” He says to me:


“You gotta think like David!”

My perception of this statement as a student of the bible working with a Hebrew man descended from the line of Aaronic priests in the middle of a worldwide fiasco resonated profoundly with me.

It has become for me a watershed moment and experience in my life, one I will surely never forget. And I believe a statement that is very needed in the world, but more importantly what remains of the remnant who is boldly dedicated to the things of The Most High God, through His Son the Messiah.

After all we are more than conquerors.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded.

Jeremy Jones, Greencastle PA, November 2021